Company History

  • 1999
    – AGF Machining Solutions Inc. launched
    – acquired a CNC vertical mill, surface grinder
    – provide custom machining services
  • 2000
    – Solid Edge is our standard design software
    – Master Cam is our standard for CNC programming
    – acquired manual mill, engine lathe
    – design and build fixture gauges
  • 2001
    – design and build Special Indexable Cutting Tools
    – provide tool repair services
    – expands to 5 employees
    – moves to a bigger facility
  • 2002
    – design and build Electronic Offline Gauges
    – develop custom computer program for gauging application
    – develop custom industrial PC enclosure
    – acquired a CNC lathe
  • 2003
    – design and develop LVDT for industrial gauging application
    – developed an integrated SPC package for the gauging software
    – build fully automated inline gauges
  • 2004
    – introduce Solid Works as a design tool
    – expand the tooling part of the business
    – successfully using hundreds of LVDT in manufacturing environment
  • 2005
    – AGF moves to a large new facility
    – standardize on digital LVDT
    – expands to 15 employees
    – acquired two manual mills
  • 2006-2009
    -during this time period we are slowly moving a way from making electronic gauges
    and focusing our effort on production machining and also complex 5 axis machining
    -introduced 5 axis capabilities
    -expand our customer base
    -acquire more CNC vertical machining centers and CMM
  • 2010
    -Major portion of our business focusing on production work
    -AGF is ISO 9001 Certified
    -successfully developed a process for manufacturing drill bit bodies oil and gas industries
    -AGF is Controlled Goods Program (CGP) Certified
  • 2011
    -moved to a new location, doubling our manufacturing space
    -acquired more CNC vertical mills
    -received a Firearms Manufacturer License
    -founding member of Southern Ontario Defence Association

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